This post is being pinned to the top and will contain the most up to date information on the Festival tonight. Please...

Posted by East End Music Festival on Friday, June 12, 2015

This post is being pinned to the top and will contain the most up to date information on the Festival tonight. Please…

Posted by East End Music Festival on Friday, June 12, 2015

This Friday

Come on out!  There’s a little rain in the forecast at the end of the night but since this is the LAST East End Festival we’re not letting it stop us and neither should you!!  The Festival will be starting early, with bands going on at 5pm so come out EARLY to see 11 great bands and 16 great food trucks.   And in case it does rain, there is some great music going on at Flour City Station and plenty of great bars to dip inside.

As you may have heard, this Friday June 12th will be the last East End Festival as you know it.  As the neighborhood has grown and evolved, we have spoken at extent with the City and all of the businesses in the neighborhood, and decided to end the traditional festival.  We are replacing it with the ‘City Celebration’, a model that is smaller, free, open to the public, and promotes the local neighborhood throughout the summer.  You can check out a trial run of the ‘City Celebration’ on August 14th; we hope that events like this can happen many times a year and continue to draw people into our beautiful downtown neighborhood.

Many thanks to the neighborhood businesses and especially to the City of Rochester and Mayor Lovely Warren for helping us find the best course of action – for more on this in a wonderful article by Jeff Spevak, click here.

Dates for 2015!

This year – the East End Festival is Friday, June 12th, 2015!

Plus look out for the Fitness Edge Festival returning on August 8th NEW in MLK JR Park at Manhattan Square.

5-13 – BANDS ARE NOW UP!  Check out the music page.


From Mike O’Leary, owner of Temple Bar & Grille:

“”The 25 Annual East End Festival is just around the corner. Although none of the original organizers of the Festival are still operating in the East End, the event they started has continued to be an incredible experience for so many people who have been willing to give downtown night life a chance. It may seem odd to many, but coming to downtown or the East End for a festival was not always a given. In the late 80′s to the early 90′s this area now known as the East End had hit rock bottom. The Eastman School of Music was ready to move. The once featured restaurants of downtown such as Eddie’s Chop House, Raffles and the Manhattan had all closed their doors. If not for some hard work and money from both the city and the county, the footprint of Rochester Night life would be very different. The gutsy people who risked it all to open in this area could never have envisioned how the neighborhood would evolve. This group soon realized that the best hope of surviving was to work together to promote the area. Out of their hard work and unprecedented spirit of cooperation, the festivals were born. This idea of working together with your competitors to build something was unheard of in Rochester and still is unique in its foresight. The festival has had its share of detractors over the years, but we always seem to be able to put our differences aside and produce an event that will bring 15,000 people downtown for a night of music, food and yes perhaps an adult beverage. This Years 25th anniversary festival is June 12th. The entire line up will be attached to the e-mail but we are thrilled with the diversity of the music. With 4 stages and a total of 11 bands, it is safe to say we have a band for everyone’s taste. We even booked a couple of bands to play on the anniversary stage who where playing 25 years ago. the Skycoaster and Into The Now will share the 25th anniversary stage in front of channel 10.

We are very happy to announce the North American Breweries the parent company of Genesee Breweries is again one of our principle sponsors. We are very excited that we will be offering a special “brewer series” beer garden with some of the beers previously only offered at the Brew House Restaurant. And the question most often asked these day Will there be food trucks? yes we will have a dozen or so of your favorite food trucks.
We work hard to make sure that we have some entertainment for the young and old alike so if this will be your first East End Festival or if you have been coming for 25 years we thank you and hope you find something new or old that will keep you coming to the East End all year round.”


August 14th – City Celebration

Come out on August 14th for our first FREE City Celebration, sponsored by Labatt Blue and featuring Rochester favorite Big-Eyed Phish!  The event will be held between Gibbs St and Scio St as a scaled-down version of the festival that will feature neighborhood businesses.

2014 Stage Map

The First Hot Night of Summer!

A Special Art Event at RoCo!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The East End Festival is BACK!  Check out the “Music” page for a band listing.  Food truck info will be updated soon as well.